Change on Membase console the internal ip to external ip

As per the documentation on - Using+Membase+in+the+Cloud, we have followed the below steps to change from internal ip to external ip.

  1. Install the Membase software (currently this is only supported for Linux installations)
  2. Shut down the service
  3. Edit the script located at /opt/membase/1.6.0/bin/membase:
    1. Add a ‘\’ to the end of the last line
    2. Add a new last line that reads: «-name [email protected]<hostname>»
  4. Delete the files under:
    1. /var/opt/membase/1.6.0/data/ns_1/
    2. /var/opt/membase/1.6.0/membase/
    3. /etc/opt/membase/1.6.0/ns_1/
  5. Restart the service
  6. See the node correctly identifying itself as the hostname in the GUI under the Manage Servers page.


But it doesn’t seem to work for us. Infact we cannot see the management console on: http://xxxxxxxxx:8091/


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