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[How To] Changing Plesk Control Panel Web provider using command line

Plesk 7.x for Windows
Parallels Plesk Panel 9.x for Windows
Parallels Plesk Panel 8.x for Windows
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Установка и настройка Apache, mod_wsgi, Django, MySQL в Debian / Ubuntu

Источник статьи: http://debianworld.ru/

Django (читается как Джанго) — это свободно распространяемый фреймворк с открытым исходным кодом для разработки веб приложений на языке PythonDjango обладает следующими архитектурными отличиями:

  • использование концепции Модель-Представление-Контроллер (Model-View-Controller, MVC). В терминологии Django это будет Модель-Шаблон-Вид (Model-Template-View, MTV)
  • использование концепции приложений. Весь код рекомендуется оформлять в виде приложений и делать его подключаемым и переносимым
  • диспетчер URL на основе регулярных выражений
  • ORM для работы с БД (с поддержкой транзакций)
  • встроенный веб-сервер для разработки
  • встроенная административная панель

Установка и настройка Django

Django можно установить двумя способами: из репозитариев или скачав исходники фреймворка с сайта. Как правило, в репозитариях находится не самая свежая версия. Поэтому, обычно используется второй способ, хотя это и не Debian-way.
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The repository for Debian-based LAMP servers

The latest versions of NGINX server

Using Dotdeb is very simple:

For the main Dotdeb repository, depending on your distribution (lenny/oldstable or squeeze/stable), add these two lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list file (choosing a mirror near you) :
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How to create a self-signed SSL Certificate


The following is an extremely simplified view of how SSL is implemented and what part the certificate plays in the entire process.

Normal web traffic is sent unencrypted over the Internet. That is, anyone with access to the right tools can snoop all of that traffic. Obviously, this can lead to problems, especially where security and privacy is necessary, such as in credit card data and bank transactions. The Secure Socket Layer is used to encrypt the data stream between the web server and the web client (the browser).

SSL makes use of what is known as asymmetric cryptography, commonly referred to as public key cryptography (PKI). With public key cryptography, two keys are created, one public, one private. Anything encrypted with either key can only be decrypted with its corresponding key. Thus if a message or data stream were encrypted with the server’s private key, it can be decrypted only using its corresponding public key, ensuring that the data only could have come from the server.
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Команды ANTI-DDOS:

Сколько апачей:

    ps aux | grep httpd  |wc -l 

Cколько коннектов на 80 порт:

    netstat -na | grep ":80\ " | wc -l

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Мониторинг активности apache

Собственно всё что нужно для мониторинга активности apache предоставляет он сам. Необходимо лишь включить штатные возможности:
1. В httpd.conf найти и раскомментировать строку:

LoadModule status_module modules/mod_status.so

2. В httpd.conf найти и раскомментировать строку:

ExtendedStatus On

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Не запускается Apache. В логах ошибка: (28)No space left on device…

Описание ситуации
После падения apache он не запускается. В /var/log/httpd/error.log сообщения вида:

[Tue Apr 21 15:50:00 2009] [emerg] (28)No space left on device: Couldn't create accept lock (/var/lock/apache2/accept.lock.19320) (5)

или вида:

[Tue Apr 21 15:50:00 2009] [crit] (28)No space left on device: mod_rewrite: could not create rewrite_log_lock

При этом в списке процессов apache нет, а команда df показывает, что места на диске предостаточно.
Возможное решение
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amon.so: Hijacking System Calls For Hardening PHP — Debian Lenny And Squeeze

amon.so is a library that integrates with the PHP interpreter and intercepts and manipulates the system calls provided by libc6. It replace the execve() syscall with a custom function which does extra sanity checking in order to prevent that an attacker could execute arbitrary code on the system exploiting a vulnerability in a web-based application (such as a bugged cms). It’s open-source software released under the terms of the GPL license and compatible with PHP running as a CGI process or Apache’s DSO module. The official website is http://www.lucaercoli.it/

For this brand new project at the moment there aren’t prebuilt packages, therefore to use it you must download the source code and compile it.

In order to install the compiler (gcc) with development libraries and header files, open a terminal and execute the following command:
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10 Tips to Secure Your Apache Web Server

10 Tips to Secure Your Apache Web Server on UNIX / Linux


If you are a sysadmin, you should secure your Apache web server by following the 10 tips mentioned in this article.

1. Disable unnecessary modules

If you are planning to install apache from source, you should disable the following modules. If you do ./configure –help, you’ll see all available modules that you can disable/enable.

  • userdir – Mapping of requests to user-specific directories. i.e ~username in URL will get translated to a directory in the server
  • autoindex – Displays directory listing when no index.html file is present
  • status – Displays server stats
  • env – Clearing/setting of ENV vars
  • setenvif – Placing ENV vars on headers
  • cgi – CGI scripts
  • actions – Action triggering on requests
  • negotiation – Content negotiation
  • alias – Mapping of requests to different filesystem parts
  • include – Server Side Includes
  • filter – Smart filtering of request
  • version – Handling version information in config files using IfVersion
  • as-is – as-is filetypes

Disable all of the above modules as shown below when you do ./configure
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