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Use Google Chrome Built-In Flash In Firefox For (Probably) Less Crashes

I had some issues with Adobe Flash crashing very often using the latest Firefox 4 so I’ve searched for a way to fix this and found a topic on AskUbuntu which says to use Chrome’s Flash plugin in Chromium so I though — why not do it for Firefox? — and it’s actually working quite well for now.
Chrome uses a built-in Adobe Flash plugin which seems to work better then the regular Flash. But there’s a catch: you must install Chrome (and keep it updated if you want further Flash updates) even if you don’t use it.
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Install Java for Firefox and Chrome on Ubuntu

Usually ubuntu-restricted-extras should work for you, like phunehehe mentioned.

Since Ubuntu 10.4 the sun-java* packages have moved from the «Multiverse Repository» to the «Partner Repositories».

Add the partner repositories to your package sources and you should be able install sun-java6-jreand sun-java6-plugin.

See «Adding Canonical Partner Repositories» int the ubuntu wiki.

To install Java you will have to decide if you want the OpenJDK or the Sun/Oracle Version. Java by itself is platform independent, but sometimes developers write applications which have dependencies to com.sun.* packages. These packages are only available in the HotSpot VM, which is the virtual machine of the Sun/Oracle Java distribution. To be on the safe side, you should use the Sun/Oracle Java version.
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