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Nginx rewrite parameters

Regular expressions to match, of which:
~ For the case-insensitive match
~ * For the case-insensitive match
!~ And !~* Are case-sensitive does not match and are not case-sensitive documents and directories do not match to match, of which:
-F and !-F used to determine the existence of a document
-D and !-D used to determine the existence of directory
-E and !-E used to determine the existence of files or directories
-X and !-X used to determine whether the executable fileflag markers are:
* Last equivalent to Apache’s [L] tag that complete rewrite, no longer match the back of the rules
* Break with the last similar
* Redirect the return of 302 temporary redirect
* Permanent return of 301 permanent redirect some of the available global variables can be used to determine the conditions (to be completed)
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VNC server on CentOS

VNC is used to display an X windows session running on another computer. Unlike a remote X connection, the xserver is running on the remote computer, not on your local workstation. Your workstation ( Linux or Windows ) is only displaying a copy of the display ( real or virtual ) that is running on the remote machine.

There are several ways to configure the vnc server. This HOWTO shows you how to configure VNC using the ‘vncserver’ service as supplied by CentOS.
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